The Real Ghostbusters Peter Venkman Reissue - Multilingual

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This is the multilingual packaging version of this reissue toy and has an EAN on the back instead of a UPC.

The Real Ghostbusters are back! Hasbro has reissued and recreated The Real Ghostbusters toys by Kenner back in the 80's. This figure is based on the cartoon version of The Real Ghostbusters. 

These are very authentic to the originals.

The main character Peter comes with a clear ghost accessory named Grabber Ghost... which seems appropriate for his character. The card back does NOT say "Who ya gonna call?" on the top left.

This is the multilingual packaging version which has a different EAN barcode on the back than the others with a UPC. Also, any mention of the Grabber Ghost has been removed from the packaging.

This item comes new on sealed card.