Transformers War For Cybertron Earthise Galactic Odyssey Collection Paradron Medics Ratchet & Lifeline - 2-Pack pre-order

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Here's a surprise for sure.

A brand new sub-line dubbed the Galactic Odyssey Collection will feature a cluster of 2-packs and this is the first one, the Paradron Medics!

This 2-pack contains 2 deluxe figures, Lifeline and Ratchet which are redecos of previous molds but feature fan favorite characters!

Inside this package is included a Paradron Planet Card which features details about the planet Paradron, which is significant in the Transformers lore!

Ratchet includes a blaster and shield accessory while Lifeline includes a transluscent blaster. This set was originally exclusive to Amazon.

Comes new in sealed box!