Transformers Masterpiece MP-54 Reboost - USA pre-order

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This is the US Hasbro release of this figure that comes surrounded in a black cardboard sleeve.

The Honda City Turbo R molds was an original Diaclone release and came in a few snazzy colors, like red! This redeco of the Transformers toy has rarely been available in the history of the brand and the red version now has a name in the Masterpiece toyline as MP-54 Reboost!

He sticks to his diaclone roots and has a new head sculpt. His weapons differ somewhat from MP-53 The most important feature is that of the SCOOTER!!!!! This was not included in the original G1 toy, and was a Diaclone-only piece! He also includes a diaclone driver! Rock on!

Comes new in sealed box.

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