Transformers Masterpiece MP-44 Convoy Optimus Prime 3.0 with Trailer - DOWN PAYMENT pre-order

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This listing is for payment in a NON-REFUNDABLE down payment for this toy. The toy will cost $399.99 more for a total of $449.99 by the time of shipping in August.

Fellow Collecticons, if you're having trouble swinging the cost of the fabulous looking MP-44 Optimus Prime, have no fear: Collecticon Toys is going out of its way to make it easier for you. We are accepting a non-refundable down payment for this toy.

2nd Payment : $150.00 in March 2019
3rd Payment: $150.00 in June 2019
Final Payment: $99.99 + shipping in August 2019

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There is another option for buying this figure and paying all at once for a discount. Click here for that.

This figure is expected to sell out fast as we move to it's proposed release in August of 2019. If you have any questions, email or call us at the contact listed in in the footer.

Here's a reminder of everything that MP-44 Convoy comes packaged with:

- Starscream head and shoulder accessories from "Megatron's Master Plan" G1 episode (this is awesome by the way because it means this is technically a Starscream figure in Optimus Prime clothes!)
- Laser rifle, Energy axe, 2 beam effects, Rocket backpack, energy treasure.
- Spike, Sparkplug figures
- Battle damage head and torso from The Transformers: The Movie
- Character card
- The matrix of leadership
- Roller and mobile battle station for the first time!

I'm just going to remind you that MP-44 is actually a Starscream toy as well.

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