Transformers Generations Collaborative: Back to the Future Gigawatt Delorean - Deluxe pre-order

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This is the mass release version of Gigawatt available at retail.

It's time to go Back to the Future and save the present in the nick of time! Gigawatt is THE 80's crossover you've been waiting for. 

Fashioned from the deluxe lambo mold from War for Cybertron, this figure comes with all the fixin's including the lightning rod and Mr. Fusion fuel processing component which doubles as a cannon weapon. Don't forget the Flux Capacitor in his chest and the time travel date-time readout!

The tires even fold down for sequel future flying car mode.

The windshield on this toy is darkened and is NOT clear as seen in the early production sample photos.

Comes new in sealed box, but from the future or the past?