PFcon 2020 Bumbleballz Attendee Exclusive

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PFcon 2020 will be held virtually on December 29, 2020 broadcast straight from Cybertron. Learn more at

This year's attendee exclusive character is Scalperbot Bumbleballz!

Your order for Bumbleballz will ONLY be completed after your virtual attendance of PFCON 2020 is confirmed. If you don't know how to attend, then that means you weren't invited! Sorry, Charlie.

If attendees order Bumbleballz, any prizes won during PFCON 2020 will be shipped together with the figure!

**LIMIT 1 PER CUSTOMER** Orders will be manually checked, and any that are duplicates or from someone who has already purchased one will be cancelled. These are all custom made sets and if you want more than one, you'll have to get them on the after market. All orders must be shipped, no in-person pick-up for PFCON2020. Yes, even if you live in Chicago. Sorry but dem's da breaks, DAWG. 

Only 17 sets are available for public consumption. No discounts will be allowed on these orders, including use of Collecti-Cash. 

Item will go up for purchase starting 10:00 PM CST on December 29th, 2020.

Thank you for your interest!  Reach out to @pfconchicago on twitter for more info!

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