Diaclone Reborn DA-65 Battle Convoy V-MAX

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Yes, TakaraTomy brought back Diaclone as a modernized reborn toyline back in 2016, but everyone whispered... "WHERE ARE THE TRANSFORMERS?" 

Well stop your grinnin' and drop your linen because Battle Convoy returns after almost forty years in an all new completely unique style that fits the aesthetic of the other Diaclone Reborn vehicle / robot sets.

This versatile and interchangable set has a "trailer" that can open up into a rather large repair bay for other Diaclone Reborn vehicles and also attaches to the helicopter and rover segments to form a massive super combat vehicle mothership from the future!

The helicopter and rover can also combine into a very semi-esque vehicle and transform into the DA-65 Battle Convoy V-MAX robot! The robot is 18cm tall standing.

This set includes 2 Diaclone Reborn pilot figures as well.

This impressive set comes new in sealed package!